Friday, May 13, 2011

Laundy, Really!?!

I was working on the Homemaker's Challenge, and I appreciate the inspiration and encouragement it has given me. I am going to come back to the book on my own, but I can't continue to follow along with the challenge at this time.

I am going to start on a smaller challenge though. Well, not technically a challenge, but Meghan at the tuckers take tennessee has promised to grow a LOVE of laundry through a series of blog posts she's doing. As I told her on twitter already, "This is a steep promise." I am in though, I mean it's worth try right?

So Meghan's first piece of advice is to create a schedule. I had been doing all my laundry on Sunday for years, until we recently returned to church, and now I'm splitting it between Saturday and Sunday. Note: when I say doing laundry I mean washing, drying, and returning to appropriate room. I RARELY fold or put away clothes like I should. I think if I could force myself into a new schedule I could have less each day and do it all more completely.

I'm sure this will require revision as I go, but here is my plan for next week:
Monday: Towels
Tuesday: Sheets
Wednesday: My daughter's clothes
Thursday: Whites
Friday: Colored clothes
Saturday: Work Clothes

I will still have to do laundry this weekend so we can be dressed next week though ;-)

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