Friday, May 13, 2011

Laundy, Really!?!

I was working on the Homemaker's Challenge, and I appreciate the inspiration and encouragement it has given me. I am going to come back to the book on my own, but I can't continue to follow along with the challenge at this time.

I am going to start on a smaller challenge though. Well, not technically a challenge, but Meghan at the tuckers take tennessee has promised to grow a LOVE of laundry through a series of blog posts she's doing. As I told her on twitter already, "This is a steep promise." I am in though, I mean it's worth try right?

So Meghan's first piece of advice is to create a schedule. I had been doing all my laundry on Sunday for years, until we recently returned to church, and now I'm splitting it between Saturday and Sunday. Note: when I say doing laundry I mean washing, drying, and returning to appropriate room. I RARELY fold or put away clothes like I should. I think if I could force myself into a new schedule I could have less each day and do it all more completely.

I'm sure this will require revision as I go, but here is my plan for next week:
Monday: Towels
Tuesday: Sheets
Wednesday: My daughter's clothes
Thursday: Whites
Friday: Colored clothes
Saturday: Work Clothes

I will still have to do laundry this weekend so we can be dressed next week though ;-)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Giveaway at The Rusted Chain

I don't normally re-post other people's giveaways, but I would REALLY love to win these prizes from The Rusted Chain. There is a giveaway for a signed copy of Candace Cameron Bure's book Reshaping It All, and a $25 gift certificate to The Rusted Chain. Either of these prizes alone would be awesome, but in combination they are even more amazing!
I hope I win....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Homemaker Challenge


Ok, so I have fallen off the wagon so to speak. I started off last week really strong and even boasted my good works on twitter:

I have been doing well with the Mary Challenges and finding the reasons for wanting a clean home. It has motivated me to get some things done around the house that really needed to be done, but that hasn't equated to the Martha Challenges. While I haven't been following the guidelines the book really has been helping me. I'll take my cleaner house for now, and get to the specific tasks later when things are more under control. I am really looking forward to doing tonight's Mary challenge, and hope it will make a real difference in my days!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Homemaker Challenge Day 1

Challenge for Day 1: Why do I want a clean house?

I would like us to have a healthier cleaner home, so that we can be healthier. I also don't want to be ashamed of our home, or have to run around in a panic when someone comes to visit. Those are surface reasons though. I feel like part of my job as a wife and mother is to keep a clean home and I want to do this job well.