Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Haul-idays

Chronicle Books is having their 2nd annual Happy Haulidays giveaway!  They are so generous giving up to $500 worth of their books for you, a friend and best of all, your favorite charity!

I had so much fun going through their books and choosing what I would pick. I'm hoping Santa will bring me (and a lucky commenter) these goodies:

Audrey Hepburn International Cover Girl      $45.00 

Fairy Tales from Hans Christian Andersen: A Classic Illustrated Edition $19.99

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland $19.95

Peter Pan $19.95

The Knit-It Kit for Kids $16.95

Holiday Crafting & Baking with Kids $19.95

Cook It in a Cup!: Quick Meals and Treats Kids Can Cook in Silicone Cups $16.99

Gratitude A Journal $14.95

The Rumor By Monique Felix $16.99

The Redstone Inkblot Test $14.95

642 Things to Draw $16.95

Ok, so I tried to take "A Moment for Me", but this is just to big of a prize so here is my list for my girl:

Animals Christopher Columbus Saw: An Adventure in the New World $16.99

The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Deck: Reading, Ages 5-7 $9.95

Duck! Rabbit!$16.99

Odd Velvet $14.99 

Rosie Flo's Travel Coloring Book $8.99

Creature Floor Puzzles $24.95

The Castaway Pirates $19.99

MoMA Make Art/Make Mistakes $16.99

Twelve Dancing Princesses $16.99

Press Here $14.99

Shadow $15.99

Lots of Dots $15.99

The Story of Little Red Riding Hood $18.99

Vincent's Colors $15.99

Out of Sight $19.99

Hurry! Hurry! Have You Heard? $16.99

The First Christmas $9.99

Grand Total = $498.37

This would be an awesome giveaway to win for the Holidays!  If I won I would choose to donate to our local library.  Remember, if I win I get to choose one lucky commenter on this post to receive the same haul of books!